Just'us' For All

by Brown Ribbon, Inc.
Created Mar 08, 2021 | New York, NY
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Dependency or pandemic? 25-25-25
The United States of America, a wealthy country built on the principles of freedom and justice for all. The US consists of less than 5% of the world's population, yet as of 21 January 2021, the United States was responsible for the usage of 25% of the world's oil supply fully displaying our dependency on foreign oil. In addition, the United States accounted for 25% of the Covid-19 infections in the world, proving that we had a pandemic withing a pandemic. Also, with such a low percentage of the population of the world, the United States houses 25% of the world's prisoners, begging the question is this a dependency on the prison system, or a pandemic? Actually, it is both!
We often refer to our justice system as the greatest in the world. However, at least 25% of the world's population would disagree.
As we push for equality in this country we have left behind those whose voice has been minimized due to their status. It is we who must speak and fight for them.
Brown Ribbon has officially launched its Just'us' For All Movement! Just 'us' For All is a movement to not only support citizens of all states with support before, during, and after their conviction, we will also fight for well-needed systematic change within the United States Justice System! That is why we exist.
Brown Ribbon's Just'us' For All campaign supports citizens Accused of crimes, unjustly convicted, and those Confined. Also, we support previously convicted citizens by helping to clear their names and so much more.
It is time for a change, and the Just'us' For All movement is ready to fight! Join us!
We need your support!
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