Innocent Heroes

by Brown Ribbon, Inc.
Created Sep 06, 2020 | New York, NY
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At first glance, the United States Military Justice System appears to be a steadfast, no-nonsense entity, which holds service members to a much higher legal standard than its' civilian counterpart. For the most part, this is true, although incomplete.
Hidden beneath the walls of several military confinement facilities lies the truth about the United States Military Justice System. Servicemembers, convicted with no physical evidence, by a service they have dedicated their lives. Some call this justice; we call it unacceptable!
The Innocent Heroes Movement is an effort designed to bring a well-needed change within the United States Military Justice System! Brown Ribbon's Innocent Innocent Heroes campaign supports Heroes' Accused of crimes, Heroes unjustly convicted, and those Confined. In addition, we support previously convicted heroes with clearing their names, and much more.
Most Americans are unaware that the military justice system and trial procedures significantly differ from the civilian court system. The military has the countries most inexperienced attorneys yet still manages a conviction rate of approximately 98%. The rule of evidence in the military does not require proof of a crime. Prosecutors need only show the possibility that a crime was committed to convict. The old saying that in the military, you are guilty until proven innocent, is the primary reason for such a high conviction rate.
It's time for a change, and the innocent heroes' movement is ready to fight!
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