About us


Fundzonne is a crowdfunding platform; part of the Hotzonne Family. Fundzonne provides a low-cost solution crowdfunding solution that allows members of the Hotzonne Generation the opportunity to focus on their campaigns, not our fees.   

Fundzonne offers a discounted rate for members of Hotzonne. Our members deserve the best, and that is what we aim to provide.  

Non-Member: 2.9 percent processing fee and a 20% usage fee.

Member: 2.9% processing fee, $2 per day platform fee, and 0% usage fee. 


Fundzonne charges a $1 per day usage and a 2.9% processing fee on each donation. It’s your campaign, so you own it; therefore, Fundzonne takes 0% of your raised capital for any donation. That means if a campaign raised $1,000 through 10 donations of $100 each, Fundzonne would collect a payment processing fee of $3 for every 100 donations. 

Remember, you can avoid the 3.0% processing fee by using “Moneyzonne,” Hotzonne’s dynamic digital payment website. Members of the Hotzonne generation are exempt from fees when making transactions on any Hotzonne application. Unlike our competitors, Fundzonne does not ask donors for tips, leaving them more likely to donate more to your cause.