How it works


Fundzonne may look like most crowdfunding websites, but it is far from it. As a member of the Hotzonne family, Fundzonne's mission is to ensure that members of the Hotzonne Generation receive the maximum amount of their campaign funds. This is done by eliminating the platform usage fee. That's right, for members of the Hotzonne Generation, there are no massive percentages used to rob you of your hard-earned campaign funds. After all, you are raising money for a cause, and we believe that is where the money should go! Fundzonne does not take a usage fee for your access. Instead, there is a small daily fee added that will calculate as long as your campaign is active. This is a fraction of the typical 30% percent taken by our competitors. After all, it's your campaign, own it!

Simply create an account for either your personal or your business. Once you have verified your email login from the home page. On the top right next to "Create Campaign use the dropdown arrow to select "Account Settings." Make sure to upload a photo of yourself or your company as applicable. NOTE: This helps you establish some legitimacy and make people more likely to donate to your cause. From there, select the dropdown once again and find "Dashboard"  In the dashboard, you can review your campaigns, donations and set your withdrawal information in preparation for the end of your campaigns. Here, you will place your Paypal email and/or ban information, whichever is your preference to receive your funds after the completion of your campaign.


First, ensure that you have a verified account on Fundzonne. If you are a returning member, select “sign-in” in the upper right-hand corner, add your e, password, and check the reCaptcha to continue using Fundzonne.  

NOTE: Remember to view and support featured campaigns.


Place your full name (First And Last) in the name block, then place your email address and select a password. Ensure that you confirm the password, select the country you reside in, check the reCaptcha, review the privacy policy, and agree by checking the available box. The system will send a verification email to the email account that you provided.

Verify your password:

Fundzonne requires email verification before your usage of the application. Ensure to visit your email and verify before we can grant access.

Now that you are verified, you are ready to create a campaign.

NOTE: Ensure to place an eye-catching photo as most members will not donate to a campaign without one. Select your photo drop-down to the left of the “Create Campaign” button and go to account settings” From here, you can make final edits to include the addition or a photo to help your cause.



From the home page, select “Create Campaign” in the top right corner. Place all required information, ensuring that your photo is the appropriate size. The better the pho looks, the more attractive your campaign is. Add your campaign Title, something catchy that relates to your fundraiser. Choose a fundraiser category from the drop-down menu, set a reasonable and achievable campaign goal, Select your city and state in the Location box and place your deadline if you have one. From there, create a meaningful summary and explanation of your campaign and select “Create Campaign.”

Your campaign is live and ready to start earning!


Fundzonne has your marketing built-in. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Email, SMS, and embedded code from your campaign page. You can market to each with a single click. Also, you can copy the link and manually past it anywhere. Nothing says marketing like word of mouth. Remember to contact your supporters directly and engage them consistently.

You can also add rewards to incentivize your supporters, edit your campaign, provide updates or delete it if you choose; you are in total control.



You have done a great job on your campaign, and now it is time to close and collect your earnings.  





You are all set and ready to meet your goal. 

Fundzonne offers a discounted rate for members of Hotzonne360. Our members deserve the best, and that is what we aim to provide.  

Non-Member: 2.9 percent processing fee and a 20% usage fee.

Member: 2.9% processing fee, $2 per day platform fee, and 0% usage fee.